OMS Dress Code

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2020-2021 OMS Dress Code

At Oslo Middle School, an Outstanding Student Learning Opportunity, we want you to continue to be part of the decision-making process for success. We have listened to your feedback and have decided that for the 2020-2021 school year, OMS will be following the SDIRC Dress Code.

We will no longer have a Unified Dress Code.


Some important reminders about the SDIRC Dress Code:

  • Pants are to be worn at the waist, with no visible undergarments, and present no safety hazards.
  • Dress, grooming practices, and personal hygiene will not interfere with schoolwork, create disorder, disrupt the educational program, or prevent the student from achieving educational objectives.
  • Hair and clothing must not block vision or restrict movement.
  • Dress practices must not be indecent, vulgar, or disruptive to an orderly learning environment, and must not cause or result in discrimination against, bullying, or harassing of other students or school staff.
  • Clothing and accessories will contain no inappropriate words or phrases, themes, or advertisements such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gang-related symbols, guns, knives, or violence promoting symbols.
  • Clothing will fit appropriately and include no oversized or undersized garments.
  • Apparel will contain no sheer, net, mesh, or sleepwear items. Shirts will cover the person from the shoulders to the waist at all times, with no revealed midriff or cleavage.
  • Shorts, skorts, dresses and skirts are to extend beyond mid finger-length or mid-thigh.
  • Apparel will not contain headphones۸, ear buds۸, hair picks, combs, do rags, stocking caps, bandanas, scarves, towels, and other headgear. Hoods will not be worn on school property, buses or school related activities.
  • Hats and sunglasses may only be worn for P.E. activities, recess, or other specific circumstances when authorized by the Principal.
  • Jewelry, accessories, or extended fingernails that could be deemed unsafe are not permitted.
  • Dog-type collars, chains, and spikes are not allowed.
  • Trench coats/Capes and blankets are not allowed.

FRIDAY SCHOOL SPIRIT DAYS -Fridays are SPIRIT DAYS! Students should wear their OSLO BLUE!

For all other rules and regulations pertaining to dress code not covered in this policy, please refer to the SDIRC Code of Conduct. Administration shall have the authority to judge whether or not the appearance of any student is disruptive to the educational function of the school or school activity. Students who violate the dress code will be required to change into items from our unified dress clothing closet or wait in designated area until appropriate unified dress clothing is brought to school. Repeated violations of dress code will be viewed as open defiance.

Download a copy of the Dress Code